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Sumo has been said to take the best parts out of every drink on the market and put them into one funky little bottle

SUMO increases the human body’s metabolic rate through a process called thermogenesis that allows the consumer to naturally burn calories at a faster rate. The product is also enriched with vitamins and minerals making it one of the healthiest functional beverages in the market today.

SUMO has been well received, with widespread media coverage, interest from a multinational soft drink company, securing funding from the European Investment Bank and achieving extremely positive results and feedback from the Company’s initial launch in Europe.

The methodology behind formulating SUMO is to provide consumers with guilt free, refreshing, easy drinking non-carbonated beverages with the unique ability of assisting ‘calorie burning’.

SUMO is perfect for consumption before a workout to get a clean and jitter free energy kick and unlike most energy drinks SUMO can be consumed right before a workout due to SUMO being Non Carbonated.

The SUMO effect after exercise allows the consumer to receive prolonged calorie burning and will also provide a hydrating, smooth and refreshing experience therefore providing a tasty solution to the health and fitness conscious consumer.

SUMO offers a refreshing alternative to existing carbonated soft drinks and will be extremely popular in bars and nightclubs for consumers who want an energy kick but are concerned with drinking numerous sugary drink mixers.